Monday, March 3, 2014

A Dandy 1st Year in Forever!

Written by Dandy fka CP Jim Dandy

Dandy fka CP Jim Dandy all settled in!

Hi, there!  Dandy here!  Actually here for 1 full Year - today!  Seems like I’ve been here Forever – and that’s a good feeling!

I think Mom and Dad were a little bit worried when I arrived, all frightened and quiet-like, but I know they are glad they took a gamble and adopted an 8 year old boy with a belly band.  Well, I ditched the belly band pretty quick!  Dad said “No!” the first time I started to lift my leg and, just the way he said it, I knew he meant “No!!!!” 

Of course, once I figured out that Mom and Dad were here to keep us safe, I started to relax, and now Mom says she can't tell I’m 8, because I run like the wind!  I also bounce!  When I get going about the UPS man, or our mail lady, I just bark and go POING! POING! POING! and they all laugh and think I’m the funniest thing.  My brother, Malcolm, lets me do all the barking, but he keeps a good watch to make sure I manage the work load OK.

Don’t you want to Play!

Mom and Dad call me “Dandy Boy”, “Puddin' Pie”, “ButterBean”, but most important, I like it when they call me to get in the car and go to PetCo!  Seems after being here for 363 days, I get to pick out the toy of my choice!  I asked if I could have one for each day, but Dad laughed, and Mom just shook her head.  Oh, well!  My birthday is April 9th, and I'll be 9 this year, so maybe they’ll agree to one for each year?...  Of course, Next year's birthday will be my Freedom Day - I'll have been living Free in the CP world longer than I was in the puppy mill!  I bet I can get them to spring for one toy for each year of Freedom!

Yes, a good game of Blanket Monster and I’m all tucked in!

Mom says I’m a “spunky, spunky little man”, a “fearless protector”, or “a 100 lb guard dog in a 16 lb suit” and I know that all means I have her stamp of approval.  She also loves my big, soulful brown eyes, my “secret weapons”, ready to melt the hardest head, or the wickedest witch, or, most important, my Mom & Dad’s hearts.

Look deep in my eyes…

Thank you Col. Potter for guiding me safely along the Yellow Brick Road, because I can tell you for sure, there’s no place like Home!

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