Friday, February 7, 2014

CP Leilani nka Lily Blossoms in Forever!

Written by Lily fka CP Leilani on her 2 Month Gotcha Day!

Lily fka CP Leilani is sitting pretty in her new home!

“Miss Lily!  What do you think you’re doing?”  Do you know how many times my New Mom said that the first two weeks I was here?  Actually, I wasn’t that bad!  I had to try and do things my way – I am, after all, a Cairn Princess!

This New Mom was a real challenge, however.  She didn’t let me get away with much of anything – even when I gave her my cutest look!  I guess I can’t complain, though, because every day I feel more and more secure with this New Mom!  I’ve been bounced around quite a lot in my short life, so a little piece of me doesn’t want to let down my guard, but this New Mom is just worming her way into my heart, and when I look in her eyes I know what I am seeing is True Love!

Lily loves to hang out with her new brother Hershey

Just to make things even better, this New Mom came with a New Brother!  Hershey is quite handsome and a real character!  He let me watch the street from his special perch, and he even let me take over the barking duty whenever there is an invasion happening from outside.  We play and play, in the house and out in our nice fenced yard – until I want to stop – and then Hershey hangs around my crate when I am resting, guarding me, I think.  I am not sure if he thinks I need protection or, like our Mom says, he wants to make sure I don’t go anywhere!

Need some help with that camera, Mom?
Lily loves sitting by the window – but also loves treats!
OK, Mom?  Can I take it off now?

It seems hard to believe that it has only been three months since that nice lady from Col. Potter saw how much I needed help and pulled out the stops to get me on a transport to my Foster Home.  Now, I have been with Hershey and my New Mom for two full months, but it seems sometimes like I was always here – or always meant to be here!  Oops!  There goes my guard again!  Sigh…  What a nice thing to even start to believe that I might be Home Forever!

Back to the window with Hershey!  Got work to do!

Thank you to all the Volunteers at Col. Potter for caring enough to give me this great new leash on life!

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