Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tumbleweed Wizzes into Forever!!!

Written by Wiz aka Wizard fka CP Tumbleweed

Wiz aka Wizard fka CP Tumbleweed
Hello there!  You know how Tumbleweeds just kind of roll along, wherever the wind wants to blow them?  Well, that’s kind of what I did for a year, but not anymore!  I came to Col. Potter in December, 2012, after my family left me at a shelter - for reasons having nothing to do with me – and I was given the name “Tumbleweed”.

Everyone thought I would be fine at my first Foster Home because the shelter people told them that I was good with cats, but they had that a little mixed up:  I thought cats were good prey and I had several cats to choose from there – which was fine by me!  Off I went to another Foster Home without cats, and then another, and back again, and then another – rolling along like a Tumbleweed!

I love my new brother Ozzie – and Dad’s lap!

Then it finally happened:  My Foster Mom drove me to a nice park with a beautiful view of the water, and Forever Mom and Dad suddenly appeared with a New Brother, Ozzie!  We were so happy!  Right away, we all knew my Tumbleweed days were over!

So now, my name is “Wizard”, but Mom and Dad call me “Wiz”.  I thought at first that Mom and Dad were thinking I was like a magician because I made Ozzie wag his tail and bark again after being so sad because he had lost his brother, Fozzie.  Could be, but then I realized that Ozzie is called “Oz”, so now I think maybe they just wanted our home to have “the Wizard and Oz”!

The real magic, of course, is that my new life with Mom and Dad and Ozzie is just perfect!  We get to walk long walks every day, come rain or shine, and we have already walked over 100 miles!  Thanks to all this practice, I have gotten pretty darned good about letting other people and dogs enjoy walking or jogging in the same places we like to go.  Practice makes perfect I guess!  We have now had encounters with around 40 different dogs, of all sizes (Great Dane to Chihuahua) and I have learned, with help of some vocal clues from Mom or Dad, how to be social with everyone – unless we meet a squirrel or a dog barking behind a fence, of course!   I’m almost perfect but I’m still a Cairn!

The whole world looks better now…

…even when I’m taking a quick look at night!

The best part of our walks is that Ozzie and I know exactly when we are within about three blocks of Home, and we always perk right up.  After all, being the Wizard and Oz, we know for sure there is no place like Home!

Ahhhh!  The joy of relaxing under my Own Christmas Tree!

Thank you Col. Potter for taking good care of me until my Forever Home was ready!  It’s not always easy to see these things in that big crystal ball, and the Yellow Brick Road sometimes winds through that big old haunted forest, but the Emerald City is always shining there at the end, ready to open the gate, on the way back Home!   

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