Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mr. Stowe from City Slickers to Forever!

Contributed by his Dad

Mr. Stowe's &Taco, his Aunt's Chihuahua, also adopted from a shelter in 2008

I adopted CP Stowe a couple of years ago and picked him up on my birthday.  What a gift he has been!

Stowe was rescued from a puppy mill, where he spent the first four years of his life in a cage.  When he first arrived to his new home, he preferred to stay inside his kennel unless it was time to eat or go outside.  I tried to encourage him to stay outside of it during the daytime hours, but I could tell he was just more at ease inside.  So, with the kennel door left open during the day and closed only at night (to prevent indoor wetting accidents), I allowed him to go there and stay where he felt more secure (with his blanket and his toys).  I bought beds and blankets and toys that were never put inside the kennel, but still he seemed to prefer being inside of it.

During the first several months, Stowe gradually spent more and more time outside the kennel while at home, and soon was following me around the house - but he was still wary.  Extending a hand to pet his fur, or any sudden movement - or visitor - had him seeking refuge in his kennel.  He occasionally went places with me in the car, but again, he needed the security of the kennel.  Without it, he was agitated and aggressive toward anyone who came near the car.  

Mr. Stowe looking handsome in his Christmas sweater from his best buddy Lisa

Today, he is affectionately called “Mr. Stowe”, and has become a full fledged member of an extended family (including neighbors and friends).  He is able to go a wide variety of places with me, and of course, travels out of town to visit family.  The kennel now sits in a corner of my bedroom, but he has not entered it in close to nine months.  

For the first time since coming to his new home, Mr. Stowe is actually learning to "play".  He bounces around the room and revels in the affection he receives from friends and family, and has become a close buddy of my sister's rescue Chihuahua, Taco.  He now smiles and rolls over to show his tummy for a rub, or nudges our hands to beg for petting.

We all love Mr. Stowe very much and want all of those at Colonel Potter's Cairn Rescue Network, and all who are considering adoption, to know how thankful we are that he is a member of our family.  

Take a Look at Stowe’s Intake Story:

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  1. What a wonderful update!!! Thank you for giving Mr. Stowe a loving forever family and most importantly the time and support he needed to feel comfortable in his new home. And he looks most handsome in his sweater!