Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kody’s First Christmas!!!

Written by Kody fka CP IC

This is me, Kody fka CP IC, reading my Special Christmas card!

It’s me: Kody again!   Remember how I told you before that this was going to be my very first Christmas?  Well, my Mom and Dad had some relatives I never met before come to our home for Christmas and Boy, did I have fun!

My new Uncle especially loved playing with me outside.  I kept him pretty busy!  Then, we came back inside and got to open Presents!  Besides the box full of toys that Col. Potter had sent me earlier, and treats and toys that Santa left for me, I got this neat package in the mail from my feline cousins.  In it was this cute Christmas card, and I sat there and read the whole thing!  It said:

“Merry Christmas - Your First of Many!  Welcome to the family of four-legged angels!  As your servants (you call them Mom & Dad) have sent us so many goodies over the years, we instructed our servants to do the same for such a princely young boy named Kody.  You really should wait ‘til Christmas to open, but that's only by human rules.  As you already know, dogs and cats don't have rules - just fun!  Again a very Merry Christmas &  Happy New Year!  Love, Yancey, Lily, Molly and Suzy!”   

Look at my special Christmas tin!

In my package was this cute Christmas dog tin.  That was pretty special, but inside, there was an Elf hat, a small stuffed football. and lots of goodies to eat!   Mom said I looked adorable in my Elf hat…   What do you think?

Tell me the truth:  Do I look adorable???

Mom and Dad and the rest of my new family certainly made my first Christmas a memorable one!  It is Great to be Loved!  Thank you Col. Potter for giving me my Forever Home and Happy New Year to all! 

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