Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gertie’s Christmas Greetings!!!

Written by Gertie fka CP Trudy Lou

Gertie fka CP Trudy Lou, nice and comfy in Forever!

Hello!  My name is Gertie, though you might remember me as CP Trudy Lou.  This is a very Special Christmas because I have now been in my Forever home for 2 years  - and it's Great!  My Mum thinks I’m Special!  She say's I’m her “Angel” who came into her life when we needed each other.  I think she’s pretty angelic too!

I just Love to help my Mum!

Well, we have a lot of White Stuff on the ground here in Idaho at the moment.  I like to rub my nose in it when we go for walks!   I especially love it because I get to wear my beautiful red coat, and everyone says how cute I am!

Mum and I want to wish everyone at Col Potter a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Gertie is very, very loved. She is sweet as pie and the apple of her Mum's eye. Gertie has the PERFECT home is loved more than some humans. I'm blessed enough to see her and her Mum.

    Thank you Col. Potter for all you do for these Cairns in need.