Sunday, December 22, 2013

CP Valtteri nka Fritzi Sees his Future Clearly!

Contributed by Fritzi fka Cp Valtteri

CP Valtteri nka Fritzi
Fritzi here!  I know you knew me for so many months as CP Valtteri - and I really did love my time with Foster Mom, Suzanne H. on Vancouver Island – but now I am Fritzi and I am thrilled!  Even the two cats here are easy to get along with!

Speaker, Fritzi, and Benny behold the beauty of nature!
I have two great dog companions, Benny the Whippet and Speaker the Lab, and the fun we have is so exciting!  I know my Mom sent you pictures of us all laying around, relaxing, or contemplating the beauty of nature, but we also do something that is way more fun!  Mom loves taking us for walks and hikes, but the best part is coming home when we get to play “race-horse”!  Mom opens the driveway gates and the three of us race the length of the driveway to the finish line!  WooHoo!!!  It is so much fun!  Mom says the noises I make during this daily race are so funny, it has become one of the highlights of her day too!

Fritzi and Benny catching a few rays!
Fritzi hanging out with Speaker and Benny
Fritzi loves to ride shotgun on the back of the sofa!

Not bad for a 10 year old Cairn, pretty much blinded by cataracts!

My Mom says that she has a lot of respect for this little Cairn, and she is so glad she adopted me!  As I look at the present and the future, I think it is safe to say that the feelings are absolutely mutual!

Fritzi loves his toys!
Life is looking good!

Thank you Col. Potter and Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year!