Friday, December 20, 2013

A Dandy Christmas!

Written by Dandy fka CP Jim Dandy

Dandy fka CP Jim Dandy loves his gift from Foster Mom!

Hello, Col. Potter Friends!  Dandy here!  And, let me tell you, this Christmas is Dandy as well!  It is my first Christmas with Mom and Dad, so I’ve been expecting to go shopping to get some nice new toys (after Mom finished baking all those Yum Yum cookies and Dad hauled them off to the Post Office!), but guess what?  My Foster Mom, Lynn B., sent me a special Christmas present too!

When I saw the Snowman, I knew there was something special!  I sniffed it and sniffed it, and I recognized the smell of Foster Mom!  Well, I picked it right up, and went trotting all over the house with it!   Mom says I must be a Christmas Cairn because my 3 favorite toys are a Santa, a Penguin, and now a Snowman!

December 3rd marked my 9th month with Mom and Dad, and I know I have become an integral part of our household.  Mom says I’m her little watch dog because I guard her all day - barking even when Dad comes in the house!  I stay at the foot of Mom’s chair, or I hang out on the recliner with her.  I also pull duty as her night watchman, keeping an eye on her while she sleeps - up on the bed, of course!   But, even though I am Happy, Happy, Happy here in Forever, and my Mom and Dad are happy to have me in their lives, I am also very happy that Foster Mom remembered me this holiday season!

So, Happy Forever Mom & Dad, Happy Foster Mom, and Happy Cairn!

Ho!  Ho!  Ho!  Wishing You All a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Say...  Mom?  Did you make some Yum Yums for me too?????

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  1. Wishing you a Merry Christmas too Dandy! I enjoyed your story -- especially about all your stuffies :)