Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wiggles Delivers 5 years of Forever Moments!

Written by Wiggles fka CP Erin Renee

Wiggles fka CP Erin Renee doing QA for the grandkids

Hello there!  Little Miss Wiggles here!  I have been with my Forever Family now for Five years!  Five!  Ever since I was a little 10 month old baby!  My Mom is always talking about me like I’m some kind of wild hooligan (like Tigger and Harv are just “perfect”!), so I thought you might like to get the scoop from my perspective…

This is my yard, and I’d love for you to come and play!

I am, after all, a Cairn – all 11.5 lbs. of me!  I love to play with everyone and everything!  I love to outsmart Mom and Dad whenever I get the opportunity (See: Not sneaky; just Smart!... Hehehehehe…).  I love to let people know what I am thinking – and I will talk ‘till the cows come home – whatever that means!  I can also be every bit as deaf as the next Cairn when it comes to taking instruction from Mom and Dad.  I am, after all, a Cairn!

See?  I am very good when playing with the grandkids!

Now, of course, I shower Mom and Dad with kisses, and, just for them, I wiggle my whole back end continually while my tail wags a mile a minute.  I mean, they named me “Wiggles” so I guess this means a lot to them!

I love everyone I meet, and I adore all of the grandkids!  Mom and Dad often Foster other Cairns in need, so I play a big role helping them, working hard to teach them how to play tug with the toys, and definitely how to play zoomies around the yard and house.  Important skills for every Cairn!

I also do QA for the Fosters…
…Got to make sure these rope toys are up to snuff!
So, Mom can say what she wants, the truth is that I am genuinely affectionate, truly loving, and the Cutest Darn Cairn ever!  I am also very happy to have had the opportunity, for each day of these past five years, to wiggle into my Mom and Dad’s laps whenever they sit down – and I plan to keep on doing it!

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