Monday, November 4, 2013

Ike Finds Forever in TN!

Written by CP Ike’s New Mom

Ike has a new favorite spot!

Ike is settling in just fine!  He was all over the house last night investigating and finally curled up with us on the couch and fell fast asleep.   He is so beautifully mannered!  He went right into his crate last night, made his nest, and was quiet until this morning! 

Ike had his bags packed, ready to go Home…
… and Riley rolled out the Welcome mat in TN!
It is fun to watch Ike check out the house.  He discovered the side lights by the font door this morning and found that he could scope out the neighborhood from a window that is just the right height.  He loves the back yard!  He found a mole trail this morning.  We are hoping he does the “terrier thing” with the moles!  We put a little bicycle light on his collar last night so we could keep track of him in the yard (We always did that with our little Welsh Terrier).  We watched the little flashing light bounce all over the back yard!

Dad is fun to hang out with…
…especially in the Kitchen!

We are so happy and Ike seems to be right at home!  This is such a different experience from the one that we had with Skylar.  She was a little mill girl and so timid.  We are also amazed at how large he is!   Not weight but just his overall size.  His body is almost the size that of our Welsh, and he is half again the size of Skylar.  He is a beautiful dog and has a beautiful coat!

We will take him for his first walk shortly but right now he is stretched out on the rug in front of the fire taking a little snooze.  Ike thinks it’s cold here in Tennessee!  He likes the rug in front of the fireplace.  That was Skylar’s favorite spot too!

Thanks to both of you, Foster Mom, Trish, and our Matchmaker, Susan W., and thanks to CPCRN!

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  1. Happy forever Ike!!! What a wonderful welcome you had! - Love the sign from Riley.