Sunday, November 24, 2013

Abbie & Gem Give Thanks!

Written by Abbie fka CP American

Gem and I are So Thankful for Daddy’s lap!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Abbie here!  Gem sends her best wishes also, but doesn’t know how to use the computer yet so I’m doing it for both of us.


I am Thankful that Mom and Dad came into my life that day!  This will be my 4th Thanksgiving Day here on Long Island and I just had to let you know how happy I am - and Gem too - even though this is only her 3rd Thanksgiving here!

I am Thankful that Mom and Dad brought Gem home to meet me!

We are both really Thankful for Mom and Dad, and Mom and Dad are really Thankful to Col. Potter for rescuing us both and helping Match us all up!

Gem is Thankful that Daddy likes her to nap with him sometimes!

I could go on and on about how thankful we are for all the wonderful things we enjoy in our home, but Gem and I think we would be most thankful if you can do something to help one of the Fosters who still need to find a good home.  Wouldn’t that make you feel good too?

I am thankful for my own little green bed and my green balls!
Gem is thankful that I am happy to share my nice little bed!

Mom agreed with us and she had a nice Yum Yum video made showcasing All of the Foster Cairns and Mixes who still need homes.  Now, I’m not really sure what this “Yum Yum,” business is all about, but Gem and I do know what it is like to Not have a home.  We know what it’s like to have nothing to be thankful for…  When we look at all these wonderful faces, we remember how very lucky we are, Gem and I, and we are Thankful to everyone who helped us – On Thanksgiving Day and Everyday – even when my green balls are all broken or lost!

Yes, Gem and I have Lots to be Thankful for every day!

OK!  Forget about the turkey!  Let’s go see if Mom has any green balls we can play with!

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