Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mr. Petey & Miss Bessie Celebrate 2nd Gotcha Days!

Written by Petey fka CP Frisbee

Petey fka CP Frisbee and Bessie fka CP Besame

Hello there!  Petey here!  You knew me as CP Frisbee – a good name since I love to run and play – but Petey is a better name because my Mom and Dad picked it out for me!

I love to keep an eye on things…

Dad says I always have something to say, so I thought I would talk with my Col. Potter friends for a spell!  You know, I have been here with Mom and Dad for a Whole Two Years now!   Well, guess what?  Bessie – you knew her as CP Besame – she’s my sister and she will Also be here two whole years on November 27th!

…and I have lots of places to perch…
…even in the car!

Now, I love to talk and I make sure I have a nice conversation with Mom and Dad in the mornings and then again when Dad gets home from work, but Bessie does her share!  Mom and Dad call her “Wookie” because she talks like some Star Wars character – whatever that means!  What do we talk about?   Well, what don’t we talk about!   We have so many things that we might have seen on our walks or in the backyard, and then there are so many wonderful dreams to share in the morning! 

Bessie likes to look from Mom’s arms!

Bessie was very shy when she first came here, preferring to stay in her crate all the time.  Well, Mom and Dad finally closed the crate when they were home and Bessie learned that it was not so bad to join me in the same room with Mom and Dad.  Now she will actually let Dad pick her up and hold her for a few minutes! 

A major breakthrough occurred several weeks ago when she fell asleep on Dad’s lap and stayed there for nearly half an hour.  It seems like a small thing, but Mom and Dad were very happy when it happened!  She is also learning from me that begging for treats is a Good thing!  She is not hiding anymore when Mom and Dad have guests at the house, and she is happy snuggling with us all in the morning, up on the bed.  I am very proud of my sister Bessie, and really happy that she is getting bolder and developing her own sense of Cairnitude.  Makes play time all the better!

Of course, I am a real lover, more than anything.  My favorite activity (outside of eating) is giving kisses – and I would do it for hours on end if Mom and Dad let me!

OK!  Enough talking!  Let’s play!!!

Bessie and I want to thank everyone at Col. Potter for keeping us safe two years ago and helping us both find the best Mom and Dad ever – Forever!

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  1. Petey thank you for sharing your update with us. Sounds like you and Bessie are very happy Cairns. Happy Gotcha Day to both of you!!!