Sunday, October 20, 2013

CP Sir Albert nka Teddy Has a Ball in Forever!

Written by his New Mom

CP Sir Alpert nka Teddy, aka Keeper of the Balls

Teddy did great today!  He was shaking at the airport but after a quick potty break and treat he was good!!  He whined a little but then settled down nicely for the drive.

He found the tennis balls ASAP when he got home!  We've already had to barricade under the couch because he kept loosing them under there!

He's calmed down a lot, now he's quite intent on cuddling with Dad!!  He's taken an instant liking to him and is already playing favorites as far as who he wants to play ball with!

Teddy is happy to snuggle with New Mom & Dad
Were already in love! And Teddy seems pretty happy, too!!

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  1. Thank you for rescuing Teddy. The pictures made me smile, so I can imagine how you felt! cP dogs are wonderful & grateful. It will be the best. Decision you've ever made! Happy Gotcha Day, Teddy!!